Organized My Retail Business

A Friend to Help You Get Through it all

As an organizing specialist and now as a friend, Cyndy Ratcliffe exceeded everything I had heard from enthusiastic friends who had worked with her in organizing their own houses and storage spaces. Cyndy helps her clients have insights about how they have accumulated things and visualize the best ways to find a home for no longer wanted or needed items. She does this in marvelously inventive ways. She has local contacts for donating or selling still useful items, knows where charities that can use your stuff can be found, and helps you organize what you want to keep. A huge help to me was reducing dozens of boxes of papers that were generated by community and church projects over the years down to a couple of file cabinets containing vertical files. My husband and I recommend Cyndy Ratcliffe highly. She’s a genius!  Marjorie Pipkin

Attic Transformation

Dynamic and Relevant Training

It is a pleasure to endorse Cyndy Ratcliffe to anyone who may be interested in offering dynamic and relevant training to their organization.

Cyndy has become an extension of our YMCA staff training team. Our Association is people-driven and our work environment is fast paced, high touch and high in the area of multi-tasking. Read the full testimonial

Organized My Partner’s Business

Action Plan Based on My Business

Downsize with Confidence

Cyndy gave me the confidence to let go of things I had been holding on to for years! – Mariam Catapano, Homemaker

Easy Filing System

I have been heralding your help! I am so happy with my filing system!!! Writing checks was a breeze this month and they are already all filed out of sight. I can’t believe my eyes! It is actually very welcoming and I physically feel my head feeling cleared and opportunities waiting when I enter either room. – A.G., Raleigh, NC

Makes Organizing Seem Easy

Thank you so much for the presentation you gave to the Raleigh Jaycees. I have heard many compliments on how ‘fun’ you made the presentation and how practical tips received have already been applied. As one person put it: “She made it seem so easy!” Your enthusiasm and passion for your work comes through in all aspects of your communication – a rare talent this day and age. – Pam Fisher, Raleigh Jaycees

Full Endorsement

Each year Portraits South invites our Sales Associates who live all across the country to attend an annual meeting at our corporate headquarters in Raleigh. Part of the weekend is devoted to educational/motivational training such as time management, personality styles of clients and sales techniques. Read the full testimonial

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