Full Endorsement

Each year Portraits South invites our Sales Associates who live all across the country to attend an annual meeting at our corporate headquarters in Raleigh. Part of the weekend is devoted to educational/motivational training such as time management, personality styles of clients and sales techniques.

When asked for program topics for the 2007 meeting, the associates wanted to focus on Increasing Revenues. With Cyndy’s astute guidance, sales and management experience, we decided this topic could best be addressed with a workshop called “Organizing for Revenue Producing Days” for Portraits South.

In the early stages of development, Cyndy spent the time necessary to gain a working knowledge of our unique business and sales force; understanding that our sales associates work as independent contractors and do not have offices or set hours, was key in the approach and substance of the program. As Cyndy developed the framework, she interviewed several of the associates, met with the Portraits South staff and welcomed my input all along the way.

The two hour plus program was so well presented—a great combination of setting the environment for serious thought by the associates, the opportunity for their input and exchange of ideas, individual exercises which helped pinpoint exactly where Portraits South fits into their
schedules— and finally specific ways they could better organize, plan, eliminate clutter and keep track of their commitment to Portraits South.

Without question, everyone benefit in some way and returned home to take action. For our group, Cyndy and Organizing Solutions was the perfect choice as a program designer, professional presenter, and motivator. She is personally very charming. Her enthusiasm was infectious and set the tone for a successful weekend meeting.

Organizing Solutions has our full endorsement!  – Jean S. Daniel, President Portraits South

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