Residential Workshops

Gather your group for one of my residential workshops. I will share tips and ideas to motivate and guide them to a more organized home and lifestyle.

“I really enjoyed your class at MSR. My grandmother’s aprons are on scarecrows at Pullen Park. My children’s birthday and Halloween gear is in labeled boxes in the attic. There was so much paper for the recycle day that I had to use another bin. The files are coming along and the Vets are scheduled to arrive in another week. Your talk was not only hilarious, but inspiring! Who knew that everyone else was saving those little Clinique lotions and the extra boxes for mailing future gifts?! Thanks for your help!” – Quinn read more testimonials

Emotional Attachments to Clutter… Set Yourself Free!
My most requested presentation!
Our lives can feel so crowded and the desire to be free of clutter and live more simply is enticing. Often, however, the task of weeding out clutter feels overwhelming.

This humorous and enlightening presentation will:

  • Teach you how to define your clutter, its causes and emotional components
  • Grant you permission to let go of the clutter that is clogging your space and your lifestyle
  • Provide you solid ideas for finding new homes for your old stuff
  • Give you motivation to move forward with action steps to success

“I LOVE my new space… The kids loved it too. They really thought it was so much better. I am so excited!” – Susan Stewart read more testimonials

Downsizing – Less is More
There are many reasons for downsizing; the children may have left the nest or you may be looking to simplify. Whether it is a need or a desire, it can feel overwhelming, both physically and emotionally.

This presentation will:

  • Give you a perspective of your true needs
  • Give you permission to simplify
  • Provide ideas for new homes for your unneeded items
  • Give you the tools and procedures to facilitate this challenging process

“On behalf of each of the 110 Wakefield Women’s Club members who attended yesterday’s luncheon, I want to thank you for such an informative, insightful and entertaining presentation. The women absolutely loved you! The resounding theme was that you were our best speaker yet!” – The Board, Wakefield Women’s Club read more testimonials

Paper, Paper Everywhere!
One of the most universal organizing issues I am asked to assist with is paper. This challenge is the most common one I see and causes a lot of tension and stress.

This presentation will:

  • Teach the basics of home paper organization and maintenance
  • Reveal the tools to keep excess paper from coming into your home in the first place
  • Demonstrate simple systems to control your paper
  • Provide tips on how to determine which children’s papers to keep and which to dispose of, graciously

If you are interested in learning more about our presentations and requesting a workshop for your group contact me here.

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