Business Presentations & Workshops

Introduce your organization to the benefits of best practices in organization and time management. Improving the organization and management of their time and workspace, participants take away real-world tools and organizing techniques to increase their productivity. Results are increased productivity and a less stressful environment.

“I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all the real world tips you gave at the seminar. It was nice to have someone who was real and honest about getting organized. You really taught me a lot – I even shared tips with my husband who has his own business. I look forward to future seminars you bring to the YMCA.” – Cyndi Goodmon, Southwest Wake YMCA read more testimonials

At Organizing Solutions, Inc. we can customize a presentation to your audience. Choose from the following options or coordinate with us to create your custom presentation:

Organizing For Revenue Producing Days
This presentation develops an understanding of how to plan and organize your time, tasks, projects and paper for more productive and more profitable days.

  • Find out how to co-ordinate your tasks, projects and priorities for productive days
  • Learn to develop a plan to allow you to accomplish more in less time
  • Discover how to “find” time for those revenue producing tasks and projects
  • Simplify paper management
  • Explore reasons for procrastination and how to overcome it
  • Develop new systems for managing paper
  • Examine interruptions and learn how to set boundaries and respond to them

“Wow! Talk about exceeding expectations, Cyndy! Your discussion with the WTCC students last night was just terrific. They kept referring to it long after you had gone. And what ‘stage presence’ you have; ever considered theater work? Thank you so very much, Cyndy; it was perfect.” – Jim Joyce, Sales Partners, Inc. read more testimonials

It’s About Time

  • Learn how to establish priorities when everything feels like a priority
  • Understand how to organize your tasks to alleviate being overwhelmed
  • Discover how to create a successful calendaring process
  • Examine interruptions and learn how to set boundaries and respond to them
  • Develop new tools to control technologies’ immediate demands on us
  • Learn why we procrastinate and how to overcome it

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