Residential Services

What can a Certified Professional Organizer® provide for me?

Can you do it yourself? Possibly … but have you?

Sometimes the grounding and physical assistance of another person can simplify the project. With a Professional Organizer, a date is established to complete the project. Professional Organizers have systems and the supplies to simplify the project as well as providing resources where additional work is needed.

“Cyndy gave me the confidence to let go of things I had been holding on to for years!” – Mariam Catapano, Homemaker read more testimonials

I partner with you to create environments that are esthetically pleasing and efficient. I physically work with you side-by-side to gently guide, encourage and support you through the process of sorting through your belongings and establishing homes for what you decide to keep.

“I have been heralding your help! I am so happy with my filing system!!! Writing checks was a breeze this month and they are already all filed out of sight. I can’t believe my eyes! It is actually very welcoming and I physically feel my head feeling cleared and opportunities waiting when I enter either room.” – A.G., Raleigh, NC read more testimonials

How do we work together?

  • An initial two-hour assessment is scheduled to identify your specific challenges and organizing needs. Lots of questions are addressed for clarity and goal setting.
  • The organizing sessions are then scheduled, normally lasting four hours each.
  • If clutter is an issue, I help you make practical choices regarding what to let go of and what to keep. In the end however, these decisions are yours.
  • Containers and homes are found for those items you have chosen to keep.
  • Systems are set up, custom designed to your needs.
  • Maintenance systems are put into place to ensure your success.

Contact me to get organized today.

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