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Get Better Organized in your Business

An organized business is a more efficient, productive and profitable business. At Organizing Solutions, Inc., I take the time to learn about you and your business in order to create customized solutions. With an extensive business background, I have learned to recognize challenges and provide solutions in numerous capacities.

“Aaargggh… I just can’t do it all!… So I thought. Cyndy has helped clear the clutter in my head AND in my work space, sooo I CAN do it all. However, my definition of “all” is very different now. Cyndy’s laser clear focus has helped me determine what is truly important. My business and personal life have grown stronger yet more relaxed. Her gentle suggestions and expectations for us were so motivating that I am enjoying this new work in progress that I’ve become. Progress is good. So many new and fun tools to use! Thanks Cyndy!” – Janice Williams read more testimonials

Why would you want to hire a Certified Professional Organizer® for your success?

  • You’ll be in control of your days
  • Your clients will find you more reliable
  • You’ll present a more professional image
  • You’ll have a better life balance
  • You’ll finally discover time to apply profitable ideas and projects
  • You’ll learn about resources and processes for success

“Thank you, thank you for the referral to a much appreciated new (and fun) client. His files are WONDERFUL. How nice it is for a bookkeeper like me to walk in someplace where I don’t have to dig through stuff. He is really sold on you and the work you did for him.” – Julie Dudley, Silver Pearl, Inc. read more testimonials

Personal Service, Customized Plans

Steps to Organizing your Business

Step One: The Consultation – Discuss your business ins and outs, challenges and missed opportunities and ideas. Determine time management as well as physical office organization. This step requires approximately 2 hours of your time.

Step Two: Establish the Plan – The Organizing Consultant pulls together the information gathered in the assessment and creates a customized plan to allow you to meet your goals of better organization. This step requires only the Organizing Consultants time.

“When Cyndy helped me organize my office (I run a business out of my home), I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. Before, just walking into my office would make me tense. Now, I’m proud to bring my business associates into the office. Somehow, in my own head, it has helped legitimize having a business at home.” – Cheryl Blackwell, President, HealthText, Inc. read more testimonials

Step Three: Share the Plan – We meet to review the plan. You will learn about resources and techniques to increase your productivity and how to “find” time for your priorities. This step requires approximately 2 hours of your time.

Step Four: Accountability Partner – I can partner with you for the hands-on work and to answer real-life questions when they arise as you apply your plan. This step ensures you continue to be organized. Your time commitment and additional fees vary based on need. A rate of $69 per hour is charged for these additional hours.

Contact me to set up your consultation.

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