Productivity and Pinterest

March 3rd, 2015
I find Pinterest a relaxing journey for me when I need a break from activity. Much like picking up a book to read, it can be calming and inspirational. More recently though, I have recognizedPinterest as a tool to accomplishing projects, both in my business and personally. I have seen how it can be a beneficial tool for overcoming procrastination.

The key to using Pinterest as a successful tool is not to add more projects to your DIY list, but to simply find ways to get started on what you’ve been planning to do. Yes, there are tempting side roads on PInterest that can lead you astray. Set a timer if necessary to be sure you are not distracted away from your original objective.

Pinterest can:

  • give you the visuals you may need to get started
  • simplify the steps of the project
  • help you feel more confident of successful results

Here are a few examples of Pinterest as a productivity tool.

  • Wardrobe – Do you try to figure out what to wear and then, once again, go to the default outfit you wear too often? Ok, sometimes it is even yesterday’s outfit? Pinterest can help you look different each day and very put together, I might add. Simply type in one item you would like to wear such as “denim jacket outfit” or “tall black boots outfit” and see what Pinterest outfits pop up. Pick an outfit with similar pieces in your wardrobe and go out confident for the day! Create a board for outfit ideas and pin that outfit for a reminder in the future.
  • Work Space – We all know an organized work space can increase your productivity. Type “organize desk” or “organize files idea” into the Pinterest search bar. If you missed it, last month’s newsletter will help you with that as well.
  • Decorating – I recently had my bedroom, master bath, and laundry room painted a new color. Using Pinterest was key in my decision making and being more secure in my color choices. Seeing examples of colors in different light and in different spaces gave me a good way to minimize my color choices. Simply type in the search bar your preferred brand like Sherwin Williams (SW) or Benjamin More (BM) and the general color you are thinking of.
  • Recipes – Whether it is a smoothie or a crock-pot meal idea, simply type in the word and the ingredient you have and see if you can’t whip up a quick drink or meal. Yesterday I made a great chili simply typing in “healthy, crockpot chili.” I took a look around and found a chili with the simple ingredients I had. It made for a cozy evening meal on a cold night in North Carolina.

In case you are interested I also wanted to share my boards with you. You will notice that the wardrobe board is the fullest as my passion is for fashion as well as organizing!

Cyndy’s Pinterest Board –

So, now consider a project you have had in mind, but have not started on, and consider Pinterest as your tool to overcome procrastination.

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