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Cyndy Ratcliffe Certified Professional Organizer® and Time Expert with Organizing Solutions, Inc. was featured in three episodes of Time Makeover on The Fine Living Network.

Her clients on each show were searching for time for the important things. Two families wanted more time together and one was looking for time to de-clutter their home. Cyndy was able to evaluate their situations and develop a plan for success. Each family was then given the plan of action and after 12 days Cyndy returned to see if the plan had been successfully implemented.

Eureka Moments


Often we are so caught up in our daily patterns that we don’t recognize simple changes that could instantly help our lives and our relationships run smoother. In this episode, Cyndy Ratcliffe, Certified Professional Organizer® and Time Expert, provided tools for better communication. This family was running on last minute and panicked communication. These few changes focusing on communication and planning changed their frantic days to smooth running.


In this episode of Time Makeover, Cyndy Ratcliffe, Certified Professional Organizer® and Time Expert shares the costs of disorganization with her small business client. If an individual is working in an office with a messy desk and files, they can spend 6 weeks a year just searching for documents. If you had an additional 6 weeks in your year, how much money would that mean? A business owner making $60,000 per year is losing almost $7,000 that year spending time looking for lost documents.

Ya Gotta Give to Get

Parents can be very organized and consequently find time for lots of activities. The challenge is putting those activities in order of priority. As life changes, so can our priorities and yet, we don’t always recognize or maybe want to make the needed changes. In this television segment, Cyndy Ratcliffe, Certified Professional Organizer® and Time Expert, helps two “very organized” parents to see how they need to adjust their activities to reflect their value of family time together.


Video Summaries

Creating Family Time

Communication and an organized family go hand-in-hand. Often the stress of daily disorganization comes from family members not knowing what the other members have planned until the last minute. This creates a chaotic, nagging and resentment-filled environment.

In this episode, Cyndy Ratcliffe, CPO® helps a family discover that a weekly family communication meeting allows the family to coordinate the activities in a less stressed and timelier fashion. The family discovers a more loving environment with time to meet their goal of spending time together.

Finding Time for Large Projects

Finding time is a misnomer. We can’t find time, we have the same amount of time as others; it’s what we decide to do with that time that makes the difference in our success. If you have a project you “can’t get done”, the reality is you did not establish the time for it before other priorities. Sometimes we psychologically convince ourselves that we don’t have the time, because we don’t want to have the time – we don’t want to do the project. Setting a real deadline and blocking time on your calendar is the way to complete a project in good time.

Give Time to Get Time

As life transitions our priorities may need to follow. Some individuals think they don’t have time for something when in reality they don’t want to change old patterns to make time for the new priorities. Are you living with patterns from a previous chapter in your life that is choking off your new values and priorities?  Here a family discovers that living in the previous patterns does not allow room for their new priorities.

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