Give the gift of simplicity and organization or request one for yourself! It can inspire the kind of change that lasts a lifetime!

So often we plan to de-clutter and organize our home or office “later-on”. You’ve probably noticed that it continues to not get done. How great would it feel to complete that project?

You or your gift recipient can partner with Cyndy Ratcliffe, Certified Professional Organizer® and make it happen! Whether the need is for a home or office; Cyndy can sort, de-clutter, and find the proper storage solutions. With 12 years in the business Cyndy has an extensive bank of ideas and knowledge to guide you to success!

  • Starter package of 6 hours – $414.00
  • Project package of 10 hours – $690.00
    (Also good for a business office!)
  • Advanced package of 12 hours – $828.00
  • Our Subscriptions Package of 28 hours $1656.00   SAVE $276.00!

We can email a custom gift certificate to be printed out or we can mail a hard-copy directly to you or the recipient.

It is of course, best if your gift certificate is not a surprise and the recipient has expressed interest in working with an organizer. I suggest asking the intended recipient how they would feel about such a gift so the gift is given and received in an understanding and enthusiastic fashion.

Have additional questions? Contact Cyndy by clicking here.

  • Services are subject to our standard client Letter of Agreement.
  • Each certificate has one full year before expiration.
  • Recipients must live within 30 minutes travel time of our Wake Forest, NC office or travel fees will apply.
  • Organizing sessions and organizing projects will be scheduled directly between the recipient and the organizer.

Gift Certificates

  • Gift Recipient email address
  • Please send certificate by mail to

  • *Allow 7-10 business days for postage delivery if choosing to have the certificate mailed.

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