An Early Plan for a Winning Year

January 3rd, 2015

Often folks get to the end of the year and realize they did not “get” to do the things they wanted to do during the year. We think we will look into vacations or upcoming holidays later, and then miss the opportunities to enjoy the time. Well, the new year is here and this month I would like to help you plan a simpler and more fulfilling year. January is the month to coordinate with family and friends to set up a plan for 2015. Planning ahead allows you a smoother flow to the year, not to mention activities to look forward to throughout the year.

Some planning items to consider for the year are:

  1. Budgeting for events and vacations
  2. Vacation times and locations
  3. Holidays – where and what events to attend
  4. School vacation or work service days and who will watch the children
  5. The shopping required for holidays, vacations and events

Keeping in mind that these events may require some appointments with or changes to:

  • Your boss (request the time off now)
  • Your friends and family (if you are going to be out of reach)
  • Your household service professionals
    • Newspaper
    • Dog sitter
    • Housekeeper
    • Post office ( to hold deliveries)
    • Security system contact
  • Your credit card provider
  • Car servicing for long trips

Coordinating for planned upcoming events this far ahead of time ensures that you have the dog sitter, bosses approval and/or finances to make it happen smoothly.

Here’s to a full and enjoyable 2015!

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