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Productivity and Pinterest

I find Pinterest a relaxing journey for me when I need a break from activity. Much like picking up a book to read, it can be calming and inspirational. More recently though, I have recognizedPinterest as a tool to accomplishing projects, both in my business and personally. I have seen how it can be a beneficial tool for overcoming procrastination.

The key to using Pinterest as a successful tool is not to add more projects to your DIY list, but to simply find ways to get started on what you’ve been planning to do. Yes, there are tempting side roads on PInterest that can lead you astray. Set a timer if necessary to be sure you are not distracted away from your original objective.

Pinterest can:

  • give you the visuals you may need to get started
  • simplify the steps of the project
  • help you feel more confident of successful results

Here are a few examples of Pinterest as a productivity tool.

  • Wardrobe – Do you try to figure out what to wear and then, once again, go to the default outfit you wear too often? Ok, sometimes it is even yesterday’s outfit? Pinterest can help you look different each day and very put together, I might add. Simply type in one item you would like to wear such as “denim jacket outfit” or “tall black boots outfit” and see what Pinterest outfits pop up. Pick an outfit with similar pieces in your wardrobe and go out confident for the day! Create a board for outfit ideas and pin that outfit for a reminder in the future.
  • Work Space – We all know an organized work space can increase your productivity. Type “organize desk” or “organize files idea” into the Pinterest search bar. If you missed it, last month’s newsletter will help you with that as well.
  • Decorating – I recently had my bedroom, master bath, and laundry room painted a new color. Using Pinterest was key in my decision making and being more secure in my color choices. Seeing examples of colors in different light and in different spaces gave me a good way to minimize my color choices. Simply type in the search bar your preferred brand like Sherwin Williams (SW) or Benjamin More (BM) and the general color you are thinking of.
  • Recipes – Whether it is a smoothie or a crock-pot meal idea, simply type in the word and the ingredient you have and see if you can’t whip up a quick drink or meal. Yesterday I made a great chili simply typing in “healthy, crockpot chili.” I took a look around and found a chili with the simple ingredients I had. It made for a cozy evening meal on a cold night in North Carolina.

In case you are interested I also wanted to share my boards with you. You will notice that the wardrobe board is the fullest as my passion is for fashion as well as organizing!

Cyndy’s Pinterest Board –

So, now consider a project you have had in mind, but have not started on, and consider Pinterest as your tool to overcome procrastination.

Time Management Tips

I read an article recently where a Professional Organizer was interviewed for the top organizing tips that he lives by. It gave me the idea to share some of mine with you. This month I will share two of the time management tips that are essential for me in my business every day. I share these two tips to help you reduce your stress and be more efficient in your business.

  1. I am not a person who enjoys driving and as a Time Management Expert and Professional Organizer there is a lot of pressure on me to show up on time to any event or appointment. The pressure of getting stuck in traffic, behind an active school bus or accident can send my heart pounding. In order to minimize the stress, I try to work my schedule around heavy traffic times and I schedule a minimum of 25% more time for travel and transition between appointments. As you all know, appointments don’t always start and end on time. Consequently, not  allowing for a cushion of time will put you behind schedule, often for the rest of the day. For example, if I am meeting someone for “an hour” at 9 a.m. I will not schedule another appointment directly after 10 a.m. I determine the transition time between the two appointments and add on a MININUM of 25% more time. This one rule, now a habit, is my favorite to share as it keeps my work and family life so much calmer.
  2. We all have activities in our business that are not something we enjoy doing. If I have a project that is a challenge for me I set it up to do as the first task of the day. For me these are activities like writing articles and creating new training programs. I do not allow myself to start any new tasks before I complete these tough ones. By accomplishing these first, I feel so much better the rest of my workday without the stress of these hanging over my head. I also like to reward myself after completing the task. It may be as simple as an iced chai latte, but it works!

I hope these two tips are beneficial for you in your business.

If you have a  business organizing tip that allows you to be more efficient, please drop me an email at I’d love to hear from you!

All I Want for Christmas is… No Clutter!

How many folks around your Thanksgiving table stated what they were thankful for this year was all the excess stuff that clogs their space, frustrates them daily, requires their energy and causes them to lose time looking for lost items?

Now is the time to have the no-clutter discussion with family. Challenge your family to give gifts of non-clutter, but gifts which are still very much appreciated. Think memories… having time together at fun events like ball games, movies or horseback riding. Quality time is a great gift no matter what your age! Maybe the kids can make coupons for “grandma special time” or “wash the car for grandpa.” This is good on your budget and more special than most any other gift a grandma or grandpa might want.

Ask grandma and grandpa to do the same. Maybe Ice Capades tickets or lessons or camps in something the child shows a passion for like dancing or piano or basketball.

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On-Line Shopping Options

How much time do you spend shopping? Not the type of shopping we consider therapy/relaxing shopping, but the boring kind of shopping for the goods you NEED. In my progress towards simplifying my life the idea of ordering these items on-line has been very enticing. However, have you ever placed an on-line order only to cancel it once it came to the cost of shipping? Ok, I admit, I am frugal so often the shipping tipped the price over what I thought was still a fair deal. As we all know, paying shipping can be a huge cost in buying things on-line; convenient yes, but at a cost.

On the other hand, I can spend way too much time and energy running to stores; first to the cosmetic store that carries a particular brand of cosmetic and then off to the home store for a new sprinkler, and then to Target for my paper goods and other sundries.

However… the times they are a changin’! So many stores are offering shipping options to entice you to shop with them on-line. Target’s shipping is free if you own their red card (which is not a credit card, but a debit card attached to your own bank account) or you spend at least $50.00. Wal-Mart ships to your local store free, but if you want it delivered to your home, which is the point here, they ship some items free with a $45 minimum order.

According to some research I have done, it looks like if you shop Amazon more than 11 or so times a year and you want FREE shipping AND a two to three day delivery, it might pay off for you to utilize their Prime program at $79 per year. There are bonuses of streaming movies and “borrowing” digital books. Not in a big hurry? You can place many items into an order over $25.00 and your shipping is free, just not two-day.  Amazon Prime and “super saver”  are just a couple of the many programs Amazon uses to entice us to on-line shop. They have “student”, and “mom” programs too!

Many folks have told me it is their easy-answer and time saver for ordering and shipping holiday gifts. I can see another advantage for my elderly mother that can no longer drive. The “Subscribe and Save” program lets us set up  recurring deliveries of her necessities. That would save both of us time and energy!

If you too like the idea of simplifying, look around and see if on-line shopping is a time saving option for your needs.