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Preventing Closet Take Over

Some of Cyndy’s favorite places to organize are clothing closets. See the thought process to tackling this project yourself. Not only will she explain how to decide what to keep and what to pass on, but also how to keep control of your closet in the future.

Simplifying Tax Preparation

It is easy to feel overwhelmed at tax time. The key to reducing the stress is to use Cyndy’s simple steps in preparation for the big April 15th deadline.

Enjoying the Decorating Season

Decorating for Christmas should be a fun event and yet in our rush through the holidays we often find the decorating as one more burdensome task. The lights don’t work, we can’t find extension cords and we seem to have run out of ornament hangers. See Cyndy’s tips here on organizing for a stress free Christmas decorating season.

Organizing the Garage

Learn how to categorize your garage items in zones and create a garage that allows for ease in finding and, more importantly, replacing items.

Get Old Fashioned Time Back

Technology sets expectations of immediacy and often we respond. Here Cyndy teaches us how to take a break from technology, creating important time for ourselves and our sanity.

To Clear a Cluttered Head

The overwhelming volume of thoughts and issues that interrupt our days, create stress and generally weigh heavy on us Cyndy calls “head clutter”. In this article she shares how to unload the clutter for a more clear and relaxed state of mind.

Organizing for the New Year

Is your New Year resolution to get organized? Getting organized is about discovering how being disorganized is affecting you specifically and then setting up systems, patterns and new habits to better organization.

The Productive Office

Not everyone has the same organizing style. Some of us like everything within view so that we don’t forget, others like a filed away environment focusing on one task at a time. What is your office organizing style and how can it work better for you? Here Cyndy describes three office organization styles and how to be most successful in using your natural style.

Letting Go

For many of us, separating ourselves from our things is an emotional roller coaster. We recognize that our living and working spaces are in need of a clutter clearing and yet we cannot seem to make those final decisions to let go. Cyndy has seen emotional attachment to things on a weekly basis and explains what these emotions are about and how to get a handle on them to clear your spaces.

Maintenance is Key

One of the most common questions asked of a Professional Organizer is “Do people really stay organized after you work with them?” The answer is some do and some do not. The key to an organized environment and lifestyle is maintenance. Through this article, understand the difference in regularly-maintained homes and those that are not.

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