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Why work with Cyndy?

Cyndy’s clients use many words to describe her. She found that some words were repeating. Here are those words and her clients descriptions.

Flexible – Most clients  initially assumed that an organizer would come in headstrong with their own plan and at a hectic pace.  Cyndy works at your preferred pace and realizes that there is more than one way to get a job done; taking your situation and ideas into consideration. Cyndy’s clients shared that that is one reason they continue to call her in to help.

Determined – Completing a project is important to Cyndy. Clients know that when they are overwhelmed and can’t seem to get something done that together with Cyndy they will take a job from start to finish.

Energetic – Getting organized can be a lot of work. Cyndy’s energy level has always been high and when clients are feeling drained or overcome or frustrated, they say her energy helps them to get through.

Fun – Cyndy recognizes that although she loves organizing most people do not. Her light-hearted spirit helps to bring humor and fun into the project.

More about Cyndy

Cyndy Ratcliffe is one of just 5 Certified Professional Organizers® (often called Personal Organizer by her clients) in the state of North Carolina. She has helped hundreds of clients to organize their homes, businesses and lives. Cyndy offers her clients hands-on care with dignity, respect, confidentiality and humor.

Raised by teachers, one being a professional artist, Cyndy’s sensitivity to space, color and esthetic appeal are evident in her results on each project. Her sense of humor and understanding without judgment makes organizing with her an easy experience. She provides her clients with guidance, knowledge, motivation and accountability which simplifies the process.

Cyndy’s Credentials

    • Member of the inaugural class of Certified Professional Organizers® 2007
    • Time Expert for three episodes of Time Makeover on The Fine Living Network
    • Over 100 classes though The Institute for Challenging Disorganization
    • BA in Business Administration, Ashland University
    • Member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 2002
    • Founding member of NAPO, NC
    • Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers®
    • Certificate of Study in Basic ADD issues with the CD Client
    • Certificate of Study in CD Client Administration
    • Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization
    • Motivational Speaker/Trainer for organizations such as the YMCA of the Triangle, Meredith College Lifelong Learning, Progress Energy, The Coffee News National Conference
    • In her previous 15 years – Store, District and Zone Manager (134 locations) – Awarded Zone Manager of the Year

Cyndy has had over 15 years of management experience making her the perfect partner to collaborate with in organizing your business.

“You know how you hear ‘it takes a village’? Cyndy has been my village since 2002. Over the years, my needs changed but Cyndy was instrumental in helping me sort through and complete whatever tasks I faced. Downsizing, deaths in the family, and divorce. Child with ADHD. Massive paperwork from a fast-paced, growing small business. Oh, and did I mention the fashion and home decorating consults? 🙂 Yes, it took a village and it was Cyndy.”  Cheryl Blackwell, Healthtext Inc.

“Cyndy is flexible, adaptable to change, capable of multi-tasking, has excellent organizational skills and the uncanny ability to find an easier, more efficient way to complete a job.  She has the ability to look at a problem from a variety of angles and choose a solution that works well for all the individuals involved.  She has the spirit of an innovator, the imagination of an inventor, the instincts of a teacher, and the creativity of an artist.” – Allison read more testimonials

Cyndy offices in Wake Forest, NC and works with her clients in the “Triangle” area of North Carolina.

Have questions? Contact Cyndy by clicking here.

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