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Simplify Your Mornings, Organize your Bathroom

Here’s some quick advice on helping with beauty products. If you’re like me, you just love the idea of new products, new colors, and new possibilities! It’s not a bad thing, we just have to put some boundaries around it.
  1. Sort everything by category (hairspray, tanners, lipsticks, eye crème) onto a bathroom floor or a tabletop.
  2. Choose one of those categories you have sorted and check for expiration dates. This is a quick way to eliminate your first items without much thought. If it doesn’t have an expiration date sometimes it will have an unusual smell that will tell you it’s expired. You can also Google expiration dates on any category of items to get a more realistic perspective.
  3. Decide on the boundary/number of items in that category that you feel is realistic to keep. Now proceed to choose your top favorite items in that category. For instance, with lipsticks you might set a boundary of three brights and three neutrals. With eye creams and hairsprays you might select a limit of two. Doing it this way, you’re just saying yes to the best and setting yourself free of the rest. I did not mean for that to rhyme but isn’t that cool how that happened!
  4. Going forward, once you are down to just your favorites, I would recommend the one-in one-out maintenance program. When you bring home a new lipstick an existing lipstick has to go away. This way you can keep your beauty products to a minimum. When shopping, it causes you stop before you buy a new product and decide if you have one at home you are willing to give up for the new one.
  5. I then recommend keeping the larger products, like hair products, under the sink in a clear plastic bin that you can pull forward like a drawer to be able to get the items in the back. For smaller items, like cosmetic items, I like a train case which neatly tucks everything away for the day.