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Finding Time

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” ~Benjamin FranklinI remember taking a positive parenting course, though I don’t have children myself. I took it as a professional development course to have a better understanding and help my clients in a more supportive way. The parents attending were given homework—spend 10 minutes each day for the next week with each of their children doing an activity the child selects. The next week they came back to the class and were all amazed that they could not find 10 minutes each day to spend with their child. What an eye opener for all!

What is it you know you should or would like to be spending time on and never seem to “get around to it?” I know—you truly believe you will “find” the time and yet, as time goes on the activity doesn’t get done. So whether it’s time for date night, organizing or time to relax, it needs to be planned for physically on your calendar. That’s right, think of it as an appointment and treat it like one. If you had a dentist or PTA appointment you would give that time respect. Treat this new time with just as much respect. When a friend or coworker asks for that time you simply tell them “I am already committed at that time, can we look at another?”

This might be tricky for those of us who would like a spontaneous date night or spontaneous time with our children. The problem is that spontaneous time doesn’t just show up in this fast paced, technology interrupting world.

So, I challenge you this week to write down just one thing you know is important in your life, that thing that you have been meaning to get around to, but haven’t. Now take out your calendar and schedule it. Keep in mind you might need to use the recurring appointments option on your digital calendar.