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5 Tips to Plan for the Upcoming Holidays

Plan Ahead and Reduce Upcoming


Holiday Stress


Yes, I realize it is only October, but the holidays are soon upon us! I am pulling out my fall decorations from the attic to set the mood. Hello my pumpkins!

Start Planning today for the activities and commitments of the upcoming holidays. It takes a lot of weight off when the holidays arrive. Jot down your families intentions for the upcoming holidays and give yourself a small project each week to move you forward in preparation. Did you miss making reservations last year? Was the gift giving overwhelming at the last minute? Did you wish you had put in your catering order before the caterer or grocery store was at their capacity and could not help you?

Well, here are 5 tips to take some of the stress off of November and December. Let’s enjoy our holidays as it is meant to be.
  1. Plan, plan, plan – start now laying out what you’d like to be doing and what you might eliminate or change this year.  
  2. Delegate some of your responsibilities. Can a caterer prepare your sides? Can the kids wrap the extended family member’s gifts? Can you give a heads up to the visiting families that this year is potluck and have them sign up for what they would LIKE to bring? Make your requests now so other can also plan and prepare.
  3. Change up your gift giving. Our family no longer exchanges gifts. I believe I enjoy the holidays even more this way! If your family isn’t up for that try creating a dollar limit. Some families purchase gifts just for children under a certain age, others do a one-on-one only exchange so that each person buys for only one other person.  Throw some ideas out there now before others start their holiday shopping – or at least give them time to consider it, even if it doesn’t happen until next year.
  4. If you just can’t think of limiting gift-giving … give and request gifts that won’t be clutter. Restaurant gift certificates, gas cards, theater tickets, a fishing expedition, tickets to the Ice capades, or a basket of edibles are all good options.  Each November I post the “Non-clutter Gift List” for even more ideas. Stay tuned… it’s coming next month.
  5. As you move through your holidays, make note of how you go about your activities such as meal preparation so that you can make it even simpler next year.
So, before it is late October … and then November, grab a paper and pen and a quiet spot to consider your thoughts and intentions for the next two months. Trust me; it is worth the investment. It will reward you in joy and time with family and friends for the holidays!