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Organizing in the Basement

September 4, 2014

Though we have few basements in North Carolina I remember the time I spent in our basement in Ohio where basements acted as an additional floor. We had a storage area, our washer/dryer, our garbage, a bedroom, bath living space and kitchen all within our basement. That laundry and storage area is where I started loving organizing at just 12 years old!

Here are a few of my grown-up organizing tips for your basement:

* Store smaller luggage in larger luggage to save space and store travel accessories with your luggage to remind you to take them.

* Use boxes with colored lids to designate the storage of holiday items, for example use red for Christmas and orange for Halloween.

* Shelving is vital in a basement for storage. Keep in mind that flooding may happen and you’ll want as much as possible out of the water.

Favorite Office Efficiency Tips

This month I will share two more organizing tips that are essential for me in my business every day. I share these two tips to help you reduce your stress and be more efficient in your business.

  1. In my office I have a tall, deep, thin bookshelf. Each shelf, or “cubby” as I refer to them, is designated for a day of the week, Monday through Friday. When I have paperwork, books, materials, or gifts I don’t want to forget to take with me that day I put them in their appropriate cubby. So yesterday I wrote a check which I need to give to someone at my Wednesday meeting and I put it in my Wednesday cubby. I am also meeting with clients this week and each of their folders and, in some cases supplies, are in the appropriate day’s cubby. This allows me a home for the upcoming papers needed and so that they are not just stacked up somewhere “until” I need to use them.
  2. As I am a perfectionist, I am afraid of not getting my work perfect, so often I can’t even get started. This is where the Time Expert found herself procrastinating (yes, it’s true). I learned two great, yet simple tricks for this:
    • Call your work a “draft.” Silly as that may sound, a draft gives me permission to have a lot of errors and imperfections—it’s just a draft! As I type this very newsletter I am simply typing away my thoughts, withPERMISSION to have errors. Fortunately, I have a virtual assistant who can clean it up and make it comfortably presentable. Not to say between the two of us there haven’t been errors on occasion, but hey, human beings are not perfect and I need to remember that.
    • Think  “progress, not perfection.” The reality is, it is better to get the darn projects done than not. You may get it perfect, but miss the deadline or not get it accomplished at all.

So, these are some vital tips I have learned along the way and find myself applying on a regular basis. If you have some great business organizing tips that have been essential to you, please drop me an email at I’d love to hear from you!