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Time Management Tips

I read an article recently where a Professional Organizer was interviewed for the top organizing tips that he lives by. It gave me the idea to share some of mine with you. This month I will share two of the time management tips that are essential for me in my business every day. I share these two tips to help you reduce your stress and be more efficient in your business.

  1. I am not a person who enjoys driving and as a Time Management Expert and Professional Organizer there is a lot of pressure on me to show up on time to any event or appointment. The pressure of getting stuck in traffic, behind an active school bus or accident can send my heart pounding. In order to minimize the stress, I try to work my schedule around heavy traffic times and I schedule a minimum of 25% more time for travel and transition between appointments. As you all know, appointments don’t always start and end on time. Consequently, not  allowing for a cushion of time will put you behind schedule, often for the rest of the day. For example, if I am meeting someone for “an hour” at 9 a.m. I will not schedule another appointment directly after 10 a.m. I determine the transition time between the two appointments and add on a MININUM of 25% more time. This one rule, now a habit, is my favorite to share as it keeps my work and family life so much calmer.
  2. We all have activities in our business that are not something we enjoy doing. If I have a project that is a challenge for me I set it up to do as the first task of the day. For me these are activities like writing articles and creating new training programs. I do not allow myself to start any new tasks before I complete these tough ones. By accomplishing these first, I feel so much better the rest of my workday without the stress of these hanging over my head. I also like to reward myself after completing the task. It may be as simple as an iced chai latte, but it works!

I hope these two tips are beneficial for you in your business.

If you have a  business organizing tip that allows you to be more efficient, please drop me an email at I’d love to hear from you!