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Save Time at Work, Enjoy the Summer!

There is more temptation to play and spend time with the family in the summer months; yet work still has to get done. Here are a few time management tips that, when practiced, will allow more time for fun this summer.

  1. Establish simple and effective systems for paperwork. Messy desks and files cost us 6 weeks a year in searching for documents!
  2. Taking 10 minutes each day to plan your schedule and tasks will give you back 1 hour each day.
  3. Create boundaries in your schedule to stay on track. For many of us we need to make an appointment for fun. Put a boundary around a bit of your schedule and title it “fun” this week!
  4. Take 1 hour of uninterrupted time each day. Turn off your phone and establish an interruption free zone. Use this time for those high priority items that need your strict focus. Trying to complete the same task allowing interruptions will take you 3 to 4 times longer!
  5. Use a timer when working on your emails or connected to the Internet to alert you to how much time these tasks are zapping from your schedule.
  6. BEFORE opening your email in the morning, complete important tasks from your schedule. Opening email creates new tasks and can throw off your schedule.
  7. Emergency messages do not typically come by email. Check email just 3 designated times per day to control its interruptions.