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Are You Buried in Books?

A very common challenge that I find in homes at the start of summer reading time is getting control over the number of books taking up space.
Books come in to our homes so many different ways. Whether we bought them ourselves, we’re gifted them by a friend, or inherited them through family, they tend to quickly overwhelm us.
Here are questions you can ask yourself in making decisions on whether to keep or donate a book of fiction:
  1. Will I really read this book (or re-read it) in the next 6 months? REALLY?
  2. Is this book better served by someone else enjoying it?
  3. Am I fooling myself to think I would re–read this book?
Ask these questions of a non-– fiction book:
  1. Do I still have an interest in this topic in this chapter of my life? … No pun intended.
  2. Is this book still current or could I get more current information off the Internet?
  3. Have I referenced this book in the last 6 months?
  4. What’s the worst thing that would happen if I didn’t own this book?
    This last one, of course, is my favorite question.
Often we convince ourselves that we will read the book and yet, years later it remains on the shelf. Give yourself a deadline for books you think you will read and keep them in a separate area on the shelf.
There are many ways to give your book a second life:
  • Your local library will take it. Typically they put on one large annual book sale.
  • You can consign books at a used bookstore. Typically, these bookstores take a small percentage of your books and give you credit towards books in their store.
  • Your local donation center will take most books and provide you with a tax donation receipt.
Here are some outside organizations you can donate to that convert your books to money for a cause.
If you’d like to get money for your books try your local resale bookstore or have a fundraising event with Got Books?
For my local Triangle area readers with over 500 books to donate (preference is non-fiction and recent text books) try Mini City Media.
Many folks are converting over to digital books and that’s a great option going forward. Through online books you can often get a free sample to determine if you’re even going to want to purchase the book, which I appreciate. This is a great place to keep your list of books you may want to read one day.  I sample almost every book first. Digital books also help to keep your bookshelves clear now that you’ve done the hard work of editing out your books.
Happy summer reading!