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Simplifying Your Wardrobe for Spring!

One reason we do not regularly clean our closets is that there are a lot of memories and guilt in there. Are you still hanging on to your prom dress or your bell-bottoms? It is ok to let go of any items that are no longer working in your current lifestyle. Make it a habit to clean out your closet at least twice a year. A good rule of thumb (and easy way to remember) is to clean it out Easter week and Labor Day week. 

Image Consultants are available and are a great place to start. They help to lead you to your style and they recommend colors and clothing styles that will work best for your figure.

A quick process to help you decide if a piece of clothing is still of value to you is to ask if it passesthe test of the 6 F’s.

  1. FIT  Does it fit? As we get older we may grow into or out of sizes. Be honest with yourself. If it doesn’t fit, but you need one like it, make a note to shop for it in your new size.
  1. FITTING  Is the item appropriate for your lifestyle today? If you are no longer a suit wearer now is the time to donate or consign it.
  1. FRESH – I got this one from a client that once said “This isn’t fresh anymore” as she handed me a well worn handbag. I loved thinking of well-worn items as no longer fresh. Often I see well loved sweaters and handbags hanging in a closet because, as my clients tell me, “I used to  wear that all the time.” Maybe a fair trade is to order a new one of the same style and color?
  1. FLATTERING  If you are getting compliments on your outfit take a look at what folks are complimenting you on. Is the item appropriate for your body type and is the color flattering for you?If you don’t feel good in something it may be that it is not flattering to your style, skin tone or figure type. This is a place to be brutally honest. Ask a friend whose opinion you trust if you are unsure.
  1. FASHIONABLE  Don’t kid yourself in believing that it “will come back around again.” When bell bottoms, rainbow suspenders and tie dye tops come back around again YOU are not the one who’s supposed to be wearing them.
  1. FAVORITE  We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. As long as your favorite is fitting and meets the above criteria, it’s a keeper!

Post this article in your closet as a guide. You may want to tackle 10 items a day until you have processed through your wardrobe. My guess is once you get going the energy will keep you motivated to do even more!