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Ten Tips to Freshen Your Home for Spring!

 Not an hour ago, I saw two robins out my back window, a refreshing sight after such a cold winter. Yes, spring is on the way! Though it does not feel like spring quite yet it is just around the corner (some corners larger than others) and there are things you can do to bring the feeling of the season in ahead of time.

  1. Replace those heavy decorative couch pillows and/or slipcovers to a lighter fabric.
  2. Springtime allows for less bedding! I recommend just one comforter on your bed for ease of making it each morning. Poof, the bed is made. The duvet (comforter cover) can be changed as you normally change your sheets for washing.
  3. It is soon time to move the spring wardrobe in and the fall wardrobe out of your closet. This is a great time to purge. Pack away only the fall clothing items you really love and found yourself wearing. We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time!  Keep that in mind as you purge. Anything not worn, over worn, not your size or no longer your style needs to be donated or thrown away.
  4. Bring out your spring decorations! Even the organizer has a ceramic bunny or two to brighten up the place and give the room a fresh spring look. Maybe a basket, a simple bouquet of flowers, which costs little and brings that instant spring feeling to the room!
  5. Hardwood floors are nice and cool in the spring and summer, pull up any rugs that were used in the fall and enjoy the simplicity of the hardwoods.
  6. Let’s take a look at that coat closet. It may be time to purge coats that don’t fit, are worn out or that you just don’t need any longer. Donate the coats to others that may be less fortunate so they can stay warm next winter. Purchase wood coat hangers on your next trip out and put your spring jackets on the same wooden hanger to give your front closet that finished look, one simple move that really puts together the look of the closet.
  7. Some of my clients use a clear pocket shoe holder on the door of the coat closet, keeping children’s hats and mittens down low where they can see, reach and put them away themselves.  For spring you can simply roll this up and store it away with the winter coats to be brought back out next fall.
  8. Clean the windows; let the sun shine in!  Ok, those of you that are having convulsions at the thought of this, look for someone now that you can delegate it to, hire it out if you need to.
  9. Take a look at the deck or screened in porch. Develop a plan for bringing it back to life after the chill of the winter. Clean out the old plant pots, scrub the furniture, and clean the grill. In North Carolina in mid-April when the frost has no chance of destroying our plants, I plan a trip to the farmers market to purchase some new “life” for the outdoor spaces.
  10. Mix up a pitcher of home made ice tea and celebrate the fact that spring is on its way!

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