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All I Want for Christmas is… No Clutter!

How many folks around your Thanksgiving table stated what they were thankful for this year was all the excess stuff that clogs their space, frustrates them daily, requires their energy and causes them to lose time looking for lost items?

Now is the time to have the no-clutter discussion with family. Challenge your family to give gifts of non-clutter, but gifts which are still very much appreciated. Think memories… having time together at fun events like ball games, movies or horseback riding. Quality time is a great gift no matter what your age! Maybe the kids can make coupons for “grandma special time” or “wash the car for grandpa.” This is good on your budget and more special than most any other gift a grandma or grandpa might want.

Ask grandma and grandpa to do the same. Maybe Ice Capades tickets or lessons or camps in something the child shows a passion for like dancing or piano or basketball.

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