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On-Line Shopping Options

How much time do you spend shopping? Not the type of shopping we consider therapy/relaxing shopping, but the boring kind of shopping for the goods you NEED. In my progress towards simplifying my life the idea of ordering these items on-line has been very enticing. However, have you ever placed an on-line order only to cancel it once it came to the cost of shipping? Ok, I admit, I am frugal so often the shipping tipped the price over what I thought was still a fair deal. As we all know, paying shipping can be a huge cost in buying things on-line; convenient yes, but at a cost.

On the other hand, I can spend way too much time and energy running to stores; first to the cosmetic store that carries a particular brand of cosmetic and then off to the home store for a new sprinkler, and then to Target for my paper goods and other sundries.

However… the times they are a changin’! So many stores are offering shipping options to entice you to shop with them on-line. Target’s shipping is free if you own their red card (which is not a credit card, but a debit card attached to your own bank account) or you spend at least $50.00. Wal-Mart ships to your local store free, but if you want it delivered to your home, which is the point here, they ship some items free with a $45 minimum order.

According to some research I have done, it looks like if you shop Amazon more than 11 or so times a year and you want FREE shipping AND a two to three day delivery, it might pay off for you to utilize their Prime program at $79 per year. There are bonuses of streaming movies and “borrowing” digital books. Not in a big hurry? You can place many items into an order over $25.00 and your shipping is free, just not two-day.  Amazon Prime and “super saver”  are just a couple of the many programs Amazon uses to entice us to on-line shop. They have “student”, and “mom” programs too!

Many folks have told me it is their easy-answer and time saver for ordering and shipping holiday gifts. I can see another advantage for my elderly mother that can no longer drive. The “Subscribe and Save” program lets us set up  recurring deliveries of her necessities. That would save both of us time and energy!

If you too like the idea of simplifying, look around and see if on-line shopping is a time saving option for your needs.