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The RESET Button

Those of you that follow me regularly are aware of my strong belief that daily maintenance is the key to organization. Reorganizing your office papers and plan at the end of each day allows you to start the next day in an organized and more productive fashion. In a household this could mean staying on top of the days accumulations such as clothing (worn or new laundry), dishes, school bags/homework or the accumulation that happens in the kitchen (the first flat surface on your way in from the car).

As an Organizer I have become aware that this process is difficult for some individuals. The process makes sense to them, but due to challenges such as adult ADD, an over-committed schedule, or simply old habits that require change, they find themselves falling behind regularly. This individual is in a pattern of leaving a trail of stuff behind their actions each day until the job of recovery is an overwhelming one. Read the rest of this entry »