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Overwhelmed? Disorganized? You’re Not Alone!

Are you overwhelmed and feeling out of control due to disorganization? Have clutter and “not enough time” thrown you out of balance? You are not alone. At Organizing Solutions, Inc. I have assisted hundreds of clients to get organized in their homes and businesses. I am Cyndy Ratcliffe, a Certified Professional Organizer® and Time Expert who has been helping people create stress-free environments and lifestyles for over 10 years! I acts as a friend would to make the process as light as possible. Many of my clients call me their “personal organizer”.

You are looking in the right place for home organizing assistance if you are:

  • overwhelmed and looking for an experienced partner on your organizing project
  • looking for a hands-on accountability partner … you could do it yourself, but you haven’t
  • inundated with paper and looking for systems to create more consistent control
  • looking to sell, donate, and/or recycle many of your belongings, but need resources
  • wanting to simplify your space and your lifestyle
  • ready to let go of stuff on one end, but looking for help in overcoming emotional attachments to the stuff on the other end
  • seeking a guide for the process of getting organized
  • feeling guilty doing anything leisurely because you feel like you should be working on your home organization
  • seeing relationships suffer due to clutter issues
  • downsizing and looking for a partner to simplify the process
  • looking for a group speaker on overcoming emotional attachments to stuff or home organizing


You are looking in the right place for business organizing assistance if you are:

  • overwhelmed in wearing numerous business hats and wondering how to accomplish it all
  • out of balance in your personal life due to overwhelm in your business
  • looking to find better organizing systems to help your business grow
  • looking for ways to “find time” to accomplish your goals and develop your new ideas
  • inundated with paper and looking for help taking back control as you move forward
  • looking for best practices in organizing a business
  • looking for a speaker on time management or office organization


Every day Professional Organizers are working with others like you to:

  • reduce their stress
  • reduce guilt
  • overcome project procrastination
  • save money
  • grow a business
  • simplify home maintenance
  • balance their work and family lives
  • help heal relationships broken by clutter disputes

I’d love to meet with you to discover together the challenges and solutions of your organizing project. Contact me here.

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